Human resources are the essence of any company and its management is the basis of good business performance. Developing a solid human resources plan and a suitable labour policy ensuring a motivated workforce and in line with the values required by the company makes a huge difference in a competitive market environment.

B-kaind’s experience combined with the specialists knowledge in human resources and the sectorial knowledge of the business, allows us to define, structure and implement solutions in the area of human resources building a high quality uniform model to great effect. This, led by the technological capabilities, optimises business alignment and maximises performance and efficiency

At B-kaind, we offer our clients an expert labour advisory team specialising, among other services, in the implementation and management of remuneration structures (payroll, Social Security payments and relevant receipts), preparation and adaptation of employment contracts, dismissals or cessation and calculations in labour cost forecasts, in addition to other one-time procedures (labour incidents, social benefits and other compensation).

Due to the relevance of this matter, our experts are committed to security and confidentiality and are prepared to work side by side with our clients’ human resources departments, providing and implementing solutions for all types of projects related to the human dimension of an organisation.