Optimizing digital resources is key for many companies that prefer to choose cloud computing in order to avoid the installation of large infrastructures and enjoy major operational flexibility in the course of their business activity.

In b-kaind we are very much aware of this situation and so we offer and advise our clients on the various options of cloud computing, so we are able to choose the one that best fits their needs:

SAAS-Software as a Service

We enable the access to those solutions whose operation centre is in the cloud. In this case software as well as applications are managed by a provider, so the user registers the software and accesses via the web or API.

Among the main benefits of this service are: access via any device at any location; the availability of the latest apps; the permanent accessibility of information, even when the system fails, and recourse to more or less sophisticated applications depending on real needs.

PAAS- Platform as a Service

We enable the development and implementation of environments in the cloud, with resources that can respond to any type of application based in the cloud, from the simplest to the most complex.

This format facilitates the easy adaptation of the client to the development and rapid commercialization of applications, as well as to innovate and experience the creation of new applications avoiding the need to pay a high price or follow complex processes.

IAAS-Infrastructure as a Service

Our clients have at their immediate disposal digital ad hoc infrastructures allowing them to use processing systems, applications, and storage in the cloud.

This option enables our clients to avoid incurring high costs, such as investing in hardware, and provides them with enormous flexibility to grow or reduce the digital resources depending on usage and demand which makes this an on-demand service.