In this global and digital world there is no commercial or social agreement that does not require some kind of digital device. Until very recently digital transformation has played a key role in the future of many companies. Now this is history.

Cyber-security, cloud computing and AI are the main challenges to which the principal operational agents are exposed: businesses, MNCs, public and non-public organizations, profit and non-profit organizations, consumers and users.

The current cybernetic situation puts these agents in a very vulnerable position and their success or failure very much depends on the advice they receive, the adoption of effective measures and the implementation of the most adequate strategy.

In b-kaind, since the sudden rush of technology onto the market, we have accompanied our clients in the digital adventure, providing them with effective solutions, and establishing the IT mechanisms that best meet their needs.

Our experience enables us to visualize and understand the technological reality and to provide our clients with a real value-added vision that allows them to innovate in their businesses.

We search for the design that best meets their needs, for companies large and small and we use on-premise systems (infrastructure in the clients office) and cloud computing that enables them to increase productivity and improve business performance.